It’s never too late for family.

Support Groups

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We’re with you for the long-run.

You may be surprised to know that most of us YGB staff are adoptees and adoptive parents ourselves. So we know first-hand how challenging it is to make the unconditional commitment to being a forever family. But we also know that it can be done. That’s why we provide long-term support to families which help to develop and strengthen the new relationships and attachments among prospective parents and children. We provide individual support through telephone coaching and in-person meetings. We provide support groups in all five New York City boroughs as well as a monthly radio parent call-in forum. We also connect new parents with experienced parents through support networks and adoption blogs.

Join our Monthly Support Group.

If you are interested in participating in a support group, please contact Paul Snellgrove or call our office at 718.372.3003.

Radio Support Group:

Listen to the many programs we’ve produced since 2008 by logging on to  Adopting Teens and Tweens Radio Forum. Great discussions on almost every issue – from parenting a traumatized child to being raised by a parent with mental health challenges – and everything else that comes up when one is raising teens!

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